Privacy at Risk

Your Privacy is at Risk. A lot of private tracks are left when using the PC. Not only physical access to the PC unveils your activities, but also surfing a website can leave private information to the site owner that you might want to hide.
Privacy Status

Scanning for Violations

A scan will quickly show any privacy violation that can be removed later on. It only takes a few minutes to be safe again.

Cleandrive Results

The found data can easily be reviewed before you finally free some disk space and get rid of the privacy violations.
Scan Results
Cleaning Progress

Cleaning the Hard Disk.

One click and you are safe again. All privacy violations get securely removed without the ability to recover.

Secure Delete

A deleted file can be restored if not deleted secure. With GSA CleanDrive you can securely delete the data from your disk without anyone being able to recover it.
Settings Secure Delete
Settings Language

Language Settings

The program comes with an easy interface and has multiple languages to choose from.

File Search

Search for unwanted files that only eat up your disk space and are of no use to you.
Settings Files
Settings Apps

Script Engine

The software comes with hundreds of custom scripts to clean up privacy violations from a lot of programs. It can e.g. remove the history of torrent application.

Support of major Browsers

Delete the cache, cookies and history from any of your favorite browsers.
Settings Browser
Settings Windows

Windows Cleanup

Clean up all the junk from your windows installation. From log files, histories or cache and temp data.

Scheduled Clean-UP

You can set the tool up to clean your data automatically based on your settings. No need to worry about privacy violations when you are not on the PC and other tools record your behavior.
Settings Scheduler