Software development

Software Development We provide professional software development tailor to your requirement. We have decade of experience in developing high quality software specifically not limited to bioinformatical and statistical of our expertises, but a wide range of software development due to our unique experiences.
Over the years we have worked with many companies providing unique solution to their specific problems. Our clients include University of Rostock.


  • Programming languages: C/C++, (Object)Pascal, Java, .Net, C#, PHP...
  • Development is accomplished in consecutive steps (DIN 69905 Specification, Technical analysis, Development, Test, Distribution, Maintenance)

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Bioinformatics We provide a wide range of services from analysis of biological data to processing of statistical data. In cooperation with world known institutes over the years have made us experts in analysing microarray data. We developed our own algorithms and programs to handle the large amount of data resulting from the experiments.


  • Analysis of experiments on microarray gene expressions
  • Consultation and help during experiment preparation
  • Processing of raw data (data view, import, normalization...)
  • Evaluation of experiments
  • Statistical tests

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Database development

Database Development The design and the maintenance of databases have become critically important nowadays. We worked with many different database systems and can provide the optimal solution for your business.


  • Conception and realization of databases
  • Development of database user interfaces
  • Migration of databases (operating systems, database systems)
  • Maintenance of databases
  • Database backup systems

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Consulting If you have any questions in areas you are not familar with, please don't hesitate to email us. We could provide a wide range of services tailor to solve your unique problem. We are your partner for reliable future.


  • Discreet consultation for IT and bioinformatics problems
  • System analysis and concept production
  • Project support
  • Realization of data security concepts for your business
  • Consultation with purchase decisions and product recommendations

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