GSA Rental Pro is currently only available in German, but we can quickly translate the interface and its functions to any language required if there is a large enough demand.

Define your Data

Define all your inventory or create new customers. You will always have a quick overview at your fingertips.

Mass E-Mailing

Reach out to your customers with newsletters. Invite them or send them other notices.

Easy Setup

Settings are easy to configure. And you can configure anything in detail.

Get Guided

No need to worry about the setup or complex functions. There is always a helping hand that will guide you through the program.

Import your Data

Having used other tools previously is not a problem. You can get everything into the system easily.

Manage Database

Backup and Restore your data with the included database management system.

Offers and Bids

Create a bid or offer for your clients. Easy to print out with a press of a button.

Open Payments

See all the invoices that have not been paid yet and react fast. You have it all in a nice overview.


Define what customers can rent and what it will cost. The system can be used for everything from a car to a house rental. Your mind is the limit.

Create an Invoice

Same for invoices — they are easy to create with a click of a button.

Rental Agreement

Create the rental agreement with one click. Leasing has never been easier to handle.

Create an Offer

Same for offers — easy to manage and create - nothing to take care of.

Inventory Dates

A quick overview when you have free slots to place out your inventory and can lease it.

View all your rented items

The most important function is easy to access and view. See what was rented to whom and when and also when you can rent it again.
Liste Termine
Termine Liste

Inventory list

See what is available and what is rented and when you get it back.