Image Selection

Choosing the right images from variations can be tricky and switching between different variations can be time-consuming. No longer with our software. It's easy selecting the right image.
Image Selection
Preview Selction

Preview Images

View your images in small previews and decide what to select and e.g. later hand out to a printing service.

Mosaic creation

Create a unique image built from all your favorites. Many smaller images will be combined to create one big one if viewed from a distance.
Make Mosaik
Make Mosaik Process

Mosaic progress

The generation can be quite time-consuming but you can always see the progress and decide later what details to use to make it look even more impressive.

Mosaic result

The quality of the created mosaic highly depends on the amount of images used. However, the result is usually very impressive and if printed, is quite a nice present.
Make Mosaik Result
Slide Show

Slide Show in Full Screen

Create playlists for your presentation and view the slide show in full screen.

Generate Webpage

The software comes with an easy way to generate dia-shows of your images and create HTML web pages from it.
Generate Html
Html Site

HTML Slideshow

See the generated HTML pages in your browser.

FTP Upload

The built-in FTP Uploader makes it easy to store your images quickly on your web page without using additional programs.
Ftp Uploader
Save As

Save Options

Resize your images or save them in a different format. Easy options can also rename the images to meet your needs.