Website Contact

Easy Interface

You will get used to the program within seconds. Press NEW, enter a keyword, then press START. Easily find new customers for your product or service within seconds.

Custom Input

Define every aspect of your message including names, address data or even custom data. You can set it up to use real or generate random data. You can also use macros and spin syntax in your messages to create more personal and unique messages.
Define Fields
Filter Config

Specific Contact

Send a message only to your matching customers, skip everything else like unwanted countries or languages.

CAPTCHAs are no longer a problem

Contact forms with CAPTCHAs are easy to pass with CAPTCHA services or our own GSA Captcha Breaker. Choose from over 30 different CAPTCHA solutions.
Captcha Setup
Manual Submission

Preview and Manual Submission

See a preview of your submitted message before letting the software run automatically.

Find New Customers

Marketing has never been so easy. Enter your niche related keywords and let the software find websites or import your own list and let the program do the rest.
Scraping Setup

Fine tune your workflow

You can set things up to your needs. Send e.g. only a couple of messages a day or setup your scrapers when the network is not used. You have it all in your hands.

Global Options

Generic options will make life easier for many projects.
Global Options
Proxy Scraper

Scrape your Own Proxies

No need to pay for proxies, the program can scrape thousands of sites for free proxies, test them and do this all automatically.