MP3s from Internet Radio

The software will record your favorite internet radio stations, cut them into single songs and tag them (covers, genre, album, song title, track number). All done automatically.
Radio Stream Recorder
Radio Record

Extended Music Information

You can now find out more about the artist playing, visit home pages, read its history or watch the music video.

Built-in Search Engine for Streams

It doesn't matter if you are into a special genre of music or know the name of the station, the software will find your station and allow you to record it.
Search For Internet Radios
Stream Ripper Options

Global Options

Some very easy options let you fine-tune the programs behavior. It comes in multiple languages.

Schedule Stream Ripping

You can schedule to automatically record your streams at a certain date and time that would normally be missed e.g. record a live show that airs at a certain time when you're away from the computer.
Stream Ripping Of Single Station