How to recover data from damaged CD

Recover your data from media such as DVDs, CDs, SD-Cards or floppy disks. Recover unreadable CD/DVD, it is easy getting access to it again with our software.
Data Recovery

Read damaged CDs or DVDs

You will always have an excellent overview of the data recovery progress the file rescue software started. You will see every detail of what could be rescued and what was not impossible to recover by the indicating colors.

Recover data from damaged CDs in Batch

In case you have a lot damaged floppies disks, scratched CDs or damaged DVDs, it is easy to change the media in the drive and let the program do the data rescue automatically. No need to click any buttons as the drive opens up and automatically continues the data recovery for the next inserted CD or disk.
Resue Multiple Dvds

Advanced Recovery Settings

It is easy to set up every little aspect of the tool for your best data recovery. You can automatically rename bad, damaged files or skip the recovery totally. You have full control of every rescue setting available.