GSA Intelligent Control System (ICS) is an event-oriented control of relay boards. With the programmed relays blinds, roller shutters, irrigation systems, solar systems, heating systems, etc. can be controlled. The triggering events are as follows:
  • — Date
  • — Time
  • — wind speed (depending on the wind direction)
  • — humidity
  • — air pressure
  • — temperature
  • — special weather reports like thunderstorms, hurricanes or heavy rain showers

Of course, you can combine any condition to match your wanted weather situation.

The events can also be monitored and logged and would output like:
  • — Relay 1 high at temperatures above 25 degree Celsius
  • — Relay 1 low at temperatures below 25 degree Celsius
  • — Relay 2 high in heavy rain for 25 seconds
  • — Relay 3 high on 08/25/2021 at 12:00 p.m. AND air pressure greater than 1020 hPa
  • — Relay 3 Low on 08/25/2021 at 4:00 p.m.
  • — Relay 4 high at temperatures greater than 25 degree Celsius AND wind speeds greater than 16 m / s
  • — Relay 4 high in the event of a hurricane

Weather report

The weather data for the entered location can be downloaded and viewed here. To pick up the weather data, the user needs an API key from OpenWeatherMap. You can use the Free API in most cases.
Weather Data Preview
Configure Relay

Switching events

This form enables the configuration of the relays and the entry of control events in the watch list. All entries in this list are constantly monitored after the program has started and trigger the corresponding relay if the condition is met.


With this configuration form you can define events which lead to the triggering of a relay. It can be time and/or weather events. The activation of a relay can also be limited after it has been triggered.

Simulation of weather data

In order to be able to test the set values and the switching behavior, it is possible to set weather events by hand.

Wind speed settings

These possible values are transferred from the weather report and are intended to help you set the wind speeds.
Wind Details
Misc Settings

Program Settings

The general settings are to be made here. Settings include the storage location of the event file, the program language or the e-mail data for sending the log file.

Log/Event File

The user can view and edit entries in the log file.
Log Window


Once all settings have been made, the monitoring program can be started and stopped using this form. A tool enables the automatic search for the Com-Ports of the relay card. The weather data simulation is also started from this window.

Supported Relay card

This relay card has 4 relays. It can be ordered at Conrad, a well known supplier for electronics.