Whenever you need to shorten your long URLs or just want thousands of redirect URLs for your SEO strategy, GSA URL redirect Pro is all you need. Some customers have ranked their website higher using our simple tool in conjunction with an indexer. But whatever you decide to use this software for, it has never been easier to create valid URL redirects.

URL Redirects with Keywords

Not only can you create URL redirects, but can also make the URL include your keyword, which is even better for SEO. It's all a few simple clicks away.
Url Redirector
Batch Mode Url Shortener

Create Short URLs in Batch-Mode

It's easy to create thousands of redirect URLs in mass, with just a few simple clicks. You can automate everything with our tools.

Filter the Results

Only want a certain type of redirect? No problem. Use the filter as seen in the screenshot to get the redirects that you want.
Redirect Filter
Indexer Setup

Get it Indexed

Just creating URLs might not be enough to get them seen by the search engines. That's why we recommend using an indexer or creating backlinks to them to help with indexing. Many indexing services are included and can be used out of the box.

Included Proxy Scraper

The included proxy scraper with thousands of proxy sources will find you a new proxy easily and automated. Almost nothing to configure and no extra costs to stay anonymous.
Proxy Scraper