Image Spider

Scrape Images

Finding suitable images to use in your content can be quite tedious and difficult due to copyright laws. With GSA Image Scraper that is no longer a problem due to the many included commercial and royalty free sources. Now you can easily get thousands of keyword related images for all your projects without the worry.

Image Scraper Settings

Define the keywords and choose some of the 50+ different image scrapers to get all your image content. It's as easy as it looks.
Scrape Settings
Parse Url

Parsing Websites for Images

Using search engines with keywords is just one way to get the images you want. It is also possible to parse a fixed website of your choice.

Built-in Image Viewer

There are many ways to quickly view your scraped images. Here you can see a preview of each image is shown on the right as you click through the scraped image list.
Inbuild Image Viewer
Preview With Image Filter

Image Filter

You can of course save your scraped images to hard disk, but also have the ability to apply a set of previously prepared filters to each image automatically. This is an outstanding feature that can save you a lot of precious time.

Filter Options

You can create your own filters with parameters and apply them for every image like applying a watermark image or text to it. Combine many filters to a set and use that e.g. when exporting images.
Filter Options

Global Options

Filter out unwanted images by limiting the size or creation date. Define proxies or let the program find usable proxies for you with the built-in proxy scraper.

Export your found Images

Define every little aspect on how to save the found images. Rename the images or even apply filters to them before saving.
Export Options